The Merrill-Cazier Library has recently subscribed to the CSA Illustrata Natural Resources database. The Illustrata interface promotes searching of graphs, tables, x-rays, maps, photographs and other illustrations published within over 1000 peer reviewed journals in the biological and environmental sciences. Illustrata will be of interest to researchers across many fields including Agriculture, Biology, Environmental Studies, Food Safety, Medicine, Meteorology, Public Health and Safety, and Water Resources. Off-campus access requires authentication


We have acquired access to the first 47 volumes of this growing collection of multidisciplinary titles and will receive access to the second group of 16 as they are published.  For a full title list, check out the Sage website.  Or, start playing with our subscription here…

We now have a standing order for the 85 volume International Directory of Company Histories…in e-book format.  Check out the existing set here…and find out all you ever wanted to know about Coca-Cola.

We have recently acquired 10 new reference books on the GVRL platform. They are cross-searchable here…. Alternatively, you can review the titles individually:

Countries and Their Cultures
Encyclopedia of Aging
Encyclopedia of Religion
Encyclopedia of Science, Technology & Ethics
Gale Encyclopedia of Children’s Health
Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America
Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology
International Encyclopedia of Marriage and the Family
St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture
Water: Science & Issues

The latest alphabetical range to be revised is prima‑proteose. It includes 2,693 new and revised entries.

New entries have also been added across the alphabet ‑ usefully, Kahlua has been included at the same time as a new sense of White Russian which Brooklynite club‑hoppers may enjoy before retiring at the end of the evening to take a chill pill with their choice of shawarma or tom yam kung (more…).  

Gale will offer online training on online versions of Gale directories including the Ward’s database and Encyclopedia of Associations.  The training will be on August 3rd at 1:00 MST.   More information and registration….

NetLibrary eBook of the Month

This month’s free e-book of the month is Beyond the Bubble: How to Keep the Real Estate Market in Perspective and Profit No Matter What Happens by Michael C. Thomsett and Joshua Kahr (AMACOM Books, 2007). This book examines look at what drives changes in real estate markets and how these changes affect property owners and investors. Unlimited access is available throughout the month of August.