For those who like Google Scholar, you might want to compare Windows Live Academic Search (still in beta).  Just like with Google Scholar, custom links to content available through USU Library subscriptions have been incorporated into the citations via ArticleLinker.  Although the icon does not appear, users will still be directed to access content through a link marked “Full-Text @ Utah State.”


Free Friday Fora at BCR

December 14, 2006

December 13, Library 2.0 (10-11 a.m. or 2-3 p.m. MT)

December 29, “The Long Tail” and the Growing Social Nature of Information: Where are libraries in the   mix? (10-11 a.m. or 2-3 p.m. MT)

January 5, Making Your Bookmarks Yummy with (10-11 a.m. or 2-3 p.m. MT)

Engineering Village Training

December 14, 2006

Introduction to Engineering Village: This is a walkthrough of the Engineering Village search platform. The training will cover:

  1. Quick, Easy, Expert and Thesaurus search methods.
  2. Faceted searching and browsing.
  3. Results management (viewing, creating alerts, saving searches, obtaining full text records).
  4. Blog this and RSS features.
  5. Search history.
  6. Getting help.

December 19th 7:30 AM MST and 12:00 PM MST. Internet connection and phone required. Register Here…

According to ACM, “the blog lets you know about the latest Computing Reviews news.”  Spotlights the computing community and provides news about new features, reviews, and hot topics.

Computing Reviews Blog 

We have been running a year-long trial of the Book Index With Reviews (it will end sometime during the summer).  EBSCO has announced a nice upgrade to the system: the enhanced version will include the ability to search for music and videos, as well as books.  So, the scope, in brief:

  • 4 million popular and classic book titles
  • 450,000 music titles
  • 200,000 DVD/video titles
  • over 90,000 First Chapters
  • over 800,000 full text searchable reviews
  • over 650,000 tables of content

Speakers include Carl T. Bergstrom, Associate Professor of Biology, University of Washington; Ellen Finnie Duranceau, Scholarly Publishing and Licensing Consultant, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and David Pershing, Senior Vice-President for Academic Affairs, University of Utah.  Each will examine current and emerging public access policies and explore key opportunities and challenges facing libraries –  including what can be done to prepare for the transformation ahead.  The forum is followed by the ACRL Scholarly Communication Discussion Group on Sunday from 4:00 – 6:00PM, where there will be an open discussion of key issues that surface at the Forum.

The Forum will be held on Saturday, January 20, 2007, from 4:00 – 6:00PM in the Sheraton Seattle (Metropolitan B).  Press Release Here…

Ulrich’s has announced the following enhancement to their database:

*A new “RSS Available” advanced search limite allows you to identify periodicals that are providing headlines, recent issues or other content via RSS (Really Simple Syndication). Ulrich’s records also display the URL of the RSS feed(s) for the periodical. Users may create their own lists of RSS feed URLs in, click on the URL to link to the RSS feed, or cut and paste the URL into their preferred RSS reader.