This just in from Thomson…you’ll want to contact your bookies right away!

In anticipation of the announcement of the 2006 Nobel Prize winners, Thomson Scientific is revealing its own list of Citation Laureates … the researchers in medicine, chemistry, physics and economics most likely to contend for Nobel honors. Thomson Scientific is the only organization to use quantitative data to make its Nobel predictions.

See the full story and predictions at:


SciFinder Training

September 26, 2006

CAS is offering free WebEx training on the SciFinder database on October 11, 2006 from 12:00-2:00 PM MST. To register, go to: The title of the session is SciFinder: Exploring Chemical Properties and Finding New Ways to Enhance Your Search Results and the description of the session reads:

Learn how predicted and experimental property data can help you find relevant research answers quickly. Join us at the upcoming e-Seminar to explore:

• The wide variety of chemical property data now available in SciFinder
• Tips and strategies using chemical property data to enhance searching
• Case studies demonstrating the versatility of chemical property data

ProQuest Maintenance Window

September 26, 2006

ProQuest databases will be unavailable from 9:00 PM Friday, September 30th through 8:00 AM Saturday, October 1st.

CQ Researcher Training

September 26, 2006

BCR offers training on CQ Researcher (as well as an overview of their archival file going back to 1923) at the October 13th Free Friday Forum from 10-11 MST.  More information available here or just go ahead and register here.

CINAHL Training

September 25, 2006

This news from EBSCO:

Ellen Westling [EBSCO’s Certified Medical Librarian]is going to conduct two monthly training classes via Interwise, beginning on  October 10.  The class listings are in the drop-down list, at the bottom, linked here:

From Oxford University Press:

The latest alphabetical range to be revised is PLEB-POMAK. It includes 2,867 new and revised entries, and is released alongside over 400 new words and senses from across the alphabet. Find out the latest definitions and quotations for everything from POD PERSON (a person considered to be conformist, unoriginal, or emotionless) to PLUMCOT (a hybrid between a plum and an apricot), and from PLUG-AND-GO (allowing easy installation and use) to PLIP (a remote control automatic locking system on a motor vehicle) and POGUE (in Ireland a kiss, in the US a non-combatant soldier or a homosexual), and the 757 words beginning with “poly-“.
Visit for a full list of new and revised words in this range.


New entries have also been added across the alphabet ? from LOLLYWOOD (the Pakistani film industry, based in Lahore) to SUPERFOOD (an especially nutritious food), from FACIALIST (a person who gives facials) to LIPOSCULPTURE (liposuction), from BLING (ostentatious, flashy) to BADA-BING (suggesting something happening suddenly, emphatically, or easily), and from CYPHERPUNK (a person who uses encryption when sending emails in order to ensure privacy) to WI FI (any of several standards for the high-speed wireless transmission of data over a small range). Check out all new words at:

New Readex Report Available

September 21, 2006

The Readex Report is a periodical newsletter compiled by librarians, teaching faculty, and Readex staff detailing interesting research conducted using the Readex Archive of Americana.  Check out this months edition here.