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Each month NetLibrary makes a single title in their collection freely available so that those who haven’t tried out e-books can take a test drive and see if it is a format that they might actually like.  This month, the topic is personal investment, and who has time to think about that during the long semester?  Take advantage of summer to check out this book, freely available for the month of May only:

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing: The Only Way to Guarantee Your Fair Share of Stock Market Returns, by John C. Bogle (Wiley, 2007)


Access the full text of these three prestigious journals from their inception forward during our 30 day trial on the EBSCO platform (requested by John Walters).  These are one-time purchases with minimal ongoing access fees, so let us know if you think they would be worthwhile additions to the collection:

The Nation Archive: http://library.usu.edu/main/inabs/result2.php?TS=Nation_Archive

The National Review Archive: http://library.usu.edu/main/inabs/result2.php?TS=National_Review

The New Republic Archive: http://library.usu.edu/main/inabs/result2.php?TS=New_Republic 

Try out Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage via the library’s trial subscription, available through May 6, 2007. This database of business, company and industry information includes electronic access to S&P Industry Surveys, Stock Reports, and short articles on the economy, markets, investments, mutual funds and bonds. (Off-campus access requires authentication via the USU proxy or VPN client.) Access NetAdvantage at:


We’re looking at this as a replacement for Mergent so you’ll want to make sure you really take it for a spin around the block!

Here’s a fun database to take for a test drive–especially if you are interested in U.S. History. If you are interested in a full list of papers included, there is an MS Word doc available (www.gale.com/tlist/NCNP.doc).

Access database here….

You’ve seen all the press, now see what the fuss is about. We’ve got a trial of the CSA Illustra database through April 30, 2007. Illustra provides access to the information presented in tables, figures, charts, and other illustrations within scholarly articles. Personally, I think it’s really interesting, useful, and fun. Currently, CSA has mounted the Illustra interface on their natural resources database, which is perfect for Utah State, so be sure and take advantage before it goes away!


Put the full, licensed version of Encyclopedia Britannic to the test against Wikipedia and tell us what you think!


We are running a one-month trial of the Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science.  The database, published by Morgan & Claypool, contains brief  “lectures” (50-100 pages) by prominent specialists in the field.

Leave feedback here or email me directly with your opinions.

Access: http://library.usu.edu/main/inabs/result2.php?TS=Synthesis  (please send to other folks on campus who might be interested!)