With year end close, we’ve put together a rush of last minute orders.  I’ll be publicizing these more formally next week when I have all the URLs, but just so you know, we will be getting access to Ward’s Directory; the International Directory of Company History (85 volumes online); 10 new Gale Encyclopedias; and 63 Sage reference titles.  More information to come!


ABC-CLIO has announced that it has transferred ownership of the Historical Abstracts database and America: History and Life database to EBSCO.  Good news for those of you who, like myself, don’t think much of the existing interface.  EBSCO anticipates making the content available through their interface by January 2008.  Access through the ABC-CLIO interface will be available through June 2008.  I will keep everyone apprised of changes to our links when they occur.

Readex announces the development of Crossroads: A Community for Students, Teachers and Scholars.  Crossroads will incorporate social bookmarking, tagging, annotation, and online discussion.  The USU community currently has access to several Readex databases: Early American Newspapers, the Shaw-Shoemaker Collection (e-books), and the Evans Digital Collection (e-books). The new tools will be available in late 2007.

Thomson Scientific has announced that the 2006 data has now been posted to the JCR site.  Access JCR here…

Effective immediately, EBSCO is replacing the Clinical Pharmacology drug content in its Health Source databases with Lexi‑PALS drug content. This means that the Clinical Pharmacology link in our A-Z list will be removed. To locate pharmacological information in EBSCO, please login to one of the Health Source databases. If you type in the name of a drug, the Lexi-Pal information should come up at the top of the results list.

Big news on the business e-resource front:  effective July 1st, we will no longer have access to the Mergent database.  We are adding Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage and, in fact, already have access to it.  NetAdvantage has much of the same information that Mergent included, but in addition it also has the S&P stock reports and the S&P Industry surveys that we formerly got in paper.  This should really be a nice addition!  Wendy has already taught a class on NetAdvantage so if you have any questions about content, you might want to talk to her.  Enjoy!

Access NetAdvantage…  (I’ve listed the database under both NetAdvantage and Standard & Poor’s)

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