The latest alphabetical range to be revised is prima‑proteose. It includes 2,693 new and revised entries.

New entries have also been added across the alphabet ‑ usefully, Kahlua has been included at the same time as a new sense of White Russian which Brooklynite club‑hoppers may enjoy before retiring at the end of the evening to take a chill pill with their choice of shawarma or tom yam kung (more…).  


NetLibrary eBook of the Month

This month’s free e-book of the month is Beyond the Bubble: How to Keep the Real Estate Market in Perspective and Profit No Matter What Happens by Michael C. Thomsett and Joshua Kahr (AMACOM Books, 2007). This book examines look at what drives changes in real estate markets and how these changes affect property owners and investors. Unlimited access is available throughout the month of August.

New features available now:
My EBSCOhost Supports Multiple Folders:  (

Miscellaneous Enhancements, e.g., Autocomplete Upgrade, Customizable Ask-A-Librarian Link to a Specified URL:  (

Note in the enhancement above I have activated links to the “Contact Us” page under a link in the upper left corner of all EBSCOhost databases (USU-Library-Help).  However, I have NOT implemented the autocomplete feature.  It seems like some people really like autocomplete functionality and others absolutely hate it.  If you feel strongly one way or the other let me know and I’ll reconsider.

ABC-CLIO has announced that it has transferred ownership of the Historical Abstracts database and America: History and Life database to EBSCO.  Good news for those of you who, like myself, don’t think much of the existing interface.  EBSCO anticipates making the content available through their interface by January 2008.  Access through the ABC-CLIO interface will be available through June 2008.  I will keep everyone apprised of changes to our links when they occur.

Readex announces the development of Crossroads: A Community for Students, Teachers and Scholars.  Crossroads will incorporate social bookmarking, tagging, annotation, and online discussion.  The USU community currently has access to several Readex databases: Early American Newspapers, the Shaw-Shoemaker Collection (e-books), and the Evans Digital Collection (e-books). The new tools will be available in late 2007.

Thomson Scientific has announced that the 2006 data has now been posted to the JCR site.  Access JCR here…

Effective immediately, EBSCO is replacing the Clinical Pharmacology drug content in its Health Source databases with Lexi‑PALS drug content. This means that the Clinical Pharmacology link in our A-Z list will be removed. To locate pharmacological information in EBSCO, please login to one of the Health Source databases. If you type in the name of a drug, the Lexi-Pal information should come up at the top of the results list.