Choice Reviews Online Expands Access

May 29, 2007

Choice Reviews Online has upgraded our account so that we are now IP authenticated rather than using a login/password system exclusively. This means that not only can you now use the database (more easily) for Reference or Instruction, but you can also share the database with faculty, who are now permitted to create their own profiles on the Choice site.

Those of you that had a password from the old Choice interface account: Accounts HAVE been carried over to the new system complete with profiles and lists. Once in the new site, click on My Profile, and hit the UPDATE button. This activates My Monthly Reviews. Because we now have unlimited passwords with this new version, anyone on campus can create their own login by clicking on the My Profile button or where it says “Register here to Create a Profile.” Selectors might want to notify their departments of this upgrade. Finally, don’t forget that personal profiles also enable saving searches and making and saving lists.

For anyone who wants a refresher on how to use the new interface read the “Top Tips for Using Choice Reviews Online.”

Access Choice Reviews Online via the A-Z database list, the A-Z journals list, the catalog (by next month), or right here/right now: 


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