Database Trial: S&P NetAdvantage

April 18, 2007

Try out Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage via the library’s trial subscription, available through May 6, 2007. This database of business, company and industry information includes electronic access to S&P Industry Surveys, Stock Reports, and short articles on the economy, markets, investments, mutual funds and bonds. (Off-campus access requires authentication via the USU proxy or VPN client.) Access NetAdvantage at:

We’re looking at this as a replacement for Mergent so you’ll want to make sure you really take it for a spin around the block!


One Response to “Database Trial: S&P NetAdvantage”

  1. Flora Says:

    Wow, I love NetAdvantage. Do I understand correctly that the S&P Industry Surveys are included in this online source? The results I get from an industry search make me think so.

    The news stuff should be very appealing to biz types.

    I like the glossary feature that comes with industry searches too.

    I don’t know why I get a different result for company profiles when I search using the pathway: Companies–> profile –> search by company name, compared to using just a keyword search.

    Keyword search on guitar leads to results where the first item is a company profile for Guitar Center.

    When I follow the search path mentioned first above, however, I get a shorter co. description for Guitar Center.

    Let’s buy it!

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