JSTOR Interface Enhancements

April 6, 2007

JSTOR announces the following enhancements to the database:

*Improved Article PDF Files
A new PDF format for downloading and printing articles has replaced the previous High Quality PDF format. This new format enables JSTOR users to “search” or “find” words and phrases within the PDF version of JSTOR articles, as well as copy and paste portions of text from them. In addition to these benefits, the new format facilitates the use of screen-reading software, such as JAWS for Windows. Moreover, PDF files in this new format are, on average, smaller in size than our current High Quality PDF files, which means that they can be downloaded more quickly and easily.

*Search Term Highlighting
Search term highlighting is now available in JSTOR page images. When a user searches for a term and follows a link to an article from the results, the search terms will be highlighted in the article’s page images.

*JSTOR/ARTstor Cross-Searching
JSTOR has developed a way to search both JSTOR and ARTstor content simultaneously.
Specifically, users have the opportunity to search JSTOR article content, JSTOR image captions, and metadata for ARTstor images. Search results pages are separated into three tabs — Articles, Images from Articles, and ARTstor Images — so that users can easily view and choose among their results. Article image thumbnails accompany the caption results, and ARTstor results contain title, creator, and date information. If your institution participates in ARTstor as well as JSTOR, you will also be able see ARTstor image thumbnails in your results and click to view the full-sized image and complete metadata through the ARTstor website.


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