Oxford Reference Online Content Additions

February 16, 2007

Four new titles have been added to the collection this quarter:

The OXFORD DICTIONARY OF RHYMES has what every writer (or budding writer) needs and serves as a superb reference for any English teacher. This must‑have tool contains rhymes for 45,000 words, including proper names, place names, and foreign terms used in English.

The OXFORD DICTIONARY OF GENETICS includes terms from a wide range of disciplines, including molecular biology, cell biology, medicine, botany, and evolutionary studies. Its 7,000 cross‑referenced definitions are supported by an excellent collection of line drawings, tables, and chemical formulas.

The OXFORD COMPANION TO SHIPS AND THE SEA is a completely revised and updated edition of a classic volume that was first published in 1976 to huge acclaim. It covers every aspect of the seas and the vessels that sail on them, from shipbuilding, yachting, diving, and marine mammals, to tidal power, piracy, and the literature and language of the sea.

The ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MAMMALS covers the behavior, diet, distribution, and evolution of every known living mammal in the world in clear, accessible language, and is superbly illustrated throughout with photographs and original artwork.


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