WorldCat Enhancements

February 2, 2007 now announces the following enhancements:

Faceted Browsing:

The faceted browse feature of search results now
allows a user to expand the abbreviated results within each facet
via a “Show More…” link.

Faceted browse lets a user filter his or her search results by
categories (“facets”) using the left‑hand Refine Your Search
panel. This dynamic navigation, increasingly popular in a variety
of Web search facilities, further leverages WorldCat’s structured
metadata and helps users who may have difficulty narrowing a large
result set understand the refinement options available to them.

Each facet in its initial state displays only the five most
relevant results. The “Show More” link lets the user incrementally
reveal 25 additional results at a time, up to 100 results within
the facet.


Increased visibility for evaluative content:

Individual item records reached from search results
now include links to supplemental Web content on the top‑level
page. Previously displayed beneath the “Details” tab, these links
can include publisher‑provided item descriptions, author
biographies and Web sites, tables of contents and content

Additional links may be provided with the heading Web Resources.
These may give a user access to content related to the displayed
item, such as a print serial’s Web site. In the case that the displayed
item is a digital object‑‑such as an electronic book, or a digitally
preserved photo, document or artifact‑‑the link may provide direct
viewing or retrieval of the object (if authentication is not required).

Example: “Yellowstone Falls (from below)” (Painting, Univ. of Puget

or: Wall Street Journal 


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