Trial: Historical Statistics of the United States

February 2, 2007

Please don’t forget to submit feedback on our trial of Historical Statistics of the United States:

This is an online version of the print resource not updated since 1993.  I’ve heard from folks in the History Department that they really like the export feature.  Try it out and leave your comments here (or email them directly to Jennifer.


3 Responses to “Trial: Historical Statistics of the United States”

  1. Wendy Says:

    I found the indexes to this hard to use, because they were so extensive, but I found some useful information using the search feature, which was nice to see. Once I got to the tables, however, I had a hard time navigating them within the web version. I would have liked to have seen the PDFs or the Excel versions, but the trial version wouldn’t allow access to those. It’s hard to evaluate this without access to those, because I found the web versions of large tables REALLY clunky.

  2. Carol Says:

    I found this statistical database a little easier to use than some others (CSI). I thought it was a little annoying when trying to navigate through the tables on the web version. Since, we weren’t able to use all the features in the trial, it’s had to say how usefull this will be overall.

  3. Flora Says:

    The tables and essays available in Part A (which is the section accessible with trial access) look excellent. I’d like to know what our local census and data pro, John Walters, has to say about the value this product would add to the data we have available now.

    The interface is clunky, but it certainly is easier to use this database that to use print and microform sources to obtain some of the data.

    Topics addressed seem very relevant to many researchers on our campus. What does it cost??

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