EBSCOhost Interface Enhancements

September 18, 2006

Within the next few weeks EBSCO will begin a new system of notifying users of interface enhancements. A New Features page will be added to the EBSCOhost interface, accessible via a New Features link in the upper right corner of the screen. (For screenshot, see: http://support.epnet.com/support_news/detail.php?id=273&t=r&page=&private=true).

At the same time, the following enhancements will go live…

  • An Auto Complete function will be added to allow users to type partial terms and receive a list of terms from which to select the correct keyword.
  • In CINAHL and other databases that support MeSH functionality, navigation on the subject authority screen will be improved, with fewer clicks for smoother navigation.
  • The Search History layout on the Advanced Search Screen will be streamlined, with fewer columns and simpler functionality.
  • An “Export” option will be included with E-mail and Save delivery options, from the record detail and folder Result List.
  • The Find field on the Advanced, Guided Style Search Screen will automatically expand, to accommodate longer search strings.
  • An Ask-A-Librarian link will be added within EBSCOhost (at the library administrator’s discretion, using EBSCOadmin) to allow users to send an email inquiry directly to a librarian.

EBSCO will continue to notify the site administrator (that is to say, myself) of upcoming changes, and I will continue to announce updates in this forum.


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