Safari Interface Upgrade

August 15, 2006

Proquest announces the release of Safari 5.0. The new interface will be available on August 19, 2006. New features include:

  • “Graphically rich” books are now supported – See representations of book content in Safari for titles with particularly complex typography. The “Graphically rich” content offers improved display of illustrative content from charts and graphs to black and white photographs to color screen displays, allowing Safari to offer you more titles from Peachpit and Adobe Press on Photoshop, Flash and software for graphic programming and applications. This new content is perfect for web designers, web developers and those studying for careers in creative professions

  • Faster Page Refresh – Using Ajax, Safari loads pages faster and more efficiently.

  • Suggested Search – As you type your search term Safari suggests, in real time, expressions from the most popular searches our users have entered.

  • Convenient Access to Advanced Search Parameters – A new dropdown provides access to filtering on book titles, section titles, code fragments, author, and publisher.

  • Choice Between Popularity and Text-based Relevancy in Search – A new slider bar allows you to weight your search results based on popularity or relevancy ranked by book.

  • Improvements to “Additional Reading” links – When you click on an “Additional reading” link at the bottom of book content pages, the destination section is now viewable in full.

  • Amazon reviews and ratings for thousands of titles

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